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Capital Equipment Funding Webinar Series

In November 2014, PMBA conducted a membership survey as a component in its efforts to identify programming topics of interest to the membership. Many members indicated Capital Equipment Funding was important to the success and sustainability of their stations. As a result of this feedback, PMBA’s Strategic & Business Planning Committee began an initiative to provide information and a set of collective best practices for stations. After reviewing the results of a Capital Equipment Funding survey sent to the membership, the committee concluded that the range of approaches to Capital Equipment Funding by stations were vast. Without a clear identification of best practices, the committee shifted its direction to from providing a set of best practices, to creating additional awareness and dialogue around this important topic.

PMBA’s Strategic & Business Planning committee embarked on an effort to create a series of webinars to address the capital equipment funding challenges and opportunities that faces our stations. Each webinar will look at the issue from a specific angle with the intent of allowing the Q&A/conversation that comes from each webinar to build upon the content for a future webinar. Initial questions will be seeded from the results of the existing survey along with a request that will go out with the invitation to each of the webinars.

Session 1: Planning for Capital Equipment Needs

Thursday, March 17, 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

This session will focus on different ways to plan for capital equipment needs using two stations as examples. In this session we will explore how these stations decide on the staff that participates in the process, the systems and software used in planning, and types of information and resources gathered during the planning process.

Ron Hetrick, Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration, WITF

Scott McPherson, Vice President for Operations & Finance, New Hampshire Public Radio
Vince Petronzio, Associate General Manager for Business & Finance, KPBS

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Session 2: Funding for Capital Equipment Projects

Tuesday, April 5, 2:00 – 3:00pm ET

In this session, panelists will examine options that stations can utilize to fund their capital equipment projects. Panelist will discuss options such as funding through operating budgets, alternative funds, grants, capital campaigns, reserve initiatives, etc. In addition, examination of common and best practices for capital equipment funds will be discussed.

Ron Hetrick, Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration, WITF

Lee Klumpp, Director, BDO
Erik Langner, Managing Director, Public Media Co.
Dan Sy, Vice President for Finance, KCRW

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Session 3: Creating Opportunities and Maximizing Resources Through Collaboration

Tuesday, May 3, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

In this session, panelists will recap a station’s journey in coming together with other stations to implement and develop efficiencies for revenue generating opportunities. Other components for discussion will include the role of outsourcing and its advantages/disadvantages.

Ron Hetrick, Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration, WITF

Michael Boylan, President and CEO, WJCT
Larry Dankner, Comptroller, NETA

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Special Thanks to the 2016 Strategic Business & Planning Committee

Ron Hetrick, Chair
Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration

Kate Arno
Director, TV Community Service Grants Policy & Review
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Esperanza Flury
Assistant General Manager & CFO

Andrew Leitch
Director of Marketing and Member Station Relations
Greater Public

Scott McPherson
Vice President for Operations and Finance
New Hampshire Public Radio

Vince Petronzio
Associate General Manager, Business & Financial Affairs