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June 15, 2012

Financial Benefits Important for Attracting, Retaining Talent

Nine out of 10 employers in the U.S. believe that financial benefit plans that help employees save for the future, including 401(k)-type defined contribution plans and health savings accounts, are equally or more important to potential hires in 2012 than five years earlier, and half believe such benefits to be more important than ever, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's 2012 Workplace Benefits Report, an annual study of the role financial benefit plans play in employers’ talent management strategies.
June 14, 2012

PMBA Website Wins a 2012 American Web Design Award

PMBA’s new website received an American Web Design award from Graphic Design USA. The competition celebrates the power of well-designed websites and other online communications to attract audiences, generate engagement and response, and promote products, services and ideas.
June 14, 2012

Is ROI the Right Measure of Cloud Success?

If ROI isn’t the best measure for cloud computing success, “What is?” For simplicity’s sake, let’s generalize and say the answer is “value.” Value indeed is the most appropriate measure for cloud computing success.
June 13, 2012

A 90-Minute Plan for Personal Effectiveness

"For nearly a decade now, I've begun my workdays by focusing for 90 minutes, uninterrupted, on the task I decide the night before is the most important one I'll face the following day. After 90 minutes, I take a break.   I typically get more work done during those 90 minutes, and feel more satisfied with my output, than I do for any comparable period of time the rest of the day."
June 12, 2012

FCC Releases Viewability Order

The FCC made it official Tuesday, releasing the final order sunsetting this December its requirement that cable operators with hybrid analog/digital systems deliver must-carry TV stations in both formats.
June 7, 2012

Take Control When Client Request Overwhelm

Instant responses are expected now not only for e-mail, but for voice mail, texts, and tweets. (And don’t forget your company Facebook page and other social media.)  You can’t charge per client interaction, like attorneys do, but you can certainly build ample time for it into your pricing. And you can find ways to filter that torrent of electronic communication before it swamps you.  Here are some tips from service providers who feel your pain.
June 1, 2012

Employers Turn Up Flexibility for the Summer

There is no denying that the summer is the most popular stretch of the year for employees to take time off of work, with warm weather and school vacations for children as just two of many factors. Yet it is possible for employees to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the summer while simultaneously finding time for personal enjoyment.
May 30, 2012

PBS NewsHour Receives $3.55 Million from Four Foundations

Four foundations are giving PBS NewsHour a total of $3.55 million for on-air and online coverage of the 2012 presidential election, the economy, international developments, and health, science, education and arts news. Participants in the multi-foundation initiative announced today (May 30) are Carnegie Corporation of New York, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.
May 21, 2012

NPR Sees Sharp Downturn in Advertising Revenue, Leading to Talk of Cuts

Halfway through its fiscal year — and six months into Gary Knell’s tenure as chief executive — Washington-based NPR has seen a sharp downturn in corporate “underwriting,” or advertising revenue. The falloff has led to projections of an annual operating deficit and internal discussions about staff and program cuts.
May 16, 2012

How to Get Feedback When You're the Boss

The higher up in the organization you get, the less likely you'll receive constructive feedback on your ideas, performance, or strategy. No one wants to offend the boss, right? But without input, your development will suffer, you may become isolated, and you're likely to miss out on hearing some great ideas. So, what can you do to get people to tell you what you may not want to hear?